Paul & Mary Jo Show

This News Broadcast format features our “Best Practices” for implementing and utilizing Tabs3, PracticeMaster, and Worldox. We’ve learned a LOT over the years, and this is our format for taking some of those great ideas and giving them to as many people as we can!

We were having so much fun with our video cameras, we just HAD to go out and buy a green screen to play with. So not only do you get to witness the awesome transformation in video technique and quality, you get to learn neat stuff along the way.


Learn about the new Document Management capabilities in Version 17

PracticeMaster has had document management capabilities since day one, but they haven’t always filled the needs of all users.

Version 17 introduces a new realm of document management within PracticeMaster, with a host of new features including Versioning, Auto Naming, Check-in and Check-out, and a host of new toolbars.

Join us as we delve a little deeper into this new functionality.

Learn How to Save Report Settings to Use Over and Over Again

There are certain reports that you use a LOT, and when you run these reports, you are probably choosing certain settings over and over again.

Tabs3 and the accounting software offer the ability to save those settings and then load them later without having to choose them again. You can even group multiple reports together into “Report Suites” so that you can run them all from one screen.

Join us as we demonstrate.

Learn How to Use the “Projects” Feature in Worldox to Organize Your Files

Worldox is great at helping you to find things, and it allows you to group your files by Profile Group (matters, vendors, etc.) and Document Type (Pleadings, emails, etc.), but what do you do when you need to group files by something else? Maybe it’s a subgroup of a matter, or maybe it’s a group that includes documents from many matters – what then?

The Projects feature in Worldox allows you to group ANY files and keep them together in an easily accessed area where you and anyone else (that you allow) can work on or view without disrupting their original location.

Join us as we demonstrate and explain this powerful feature.