Paul & Mary Jo Show

This News Broadcast format features our “Best Practices” for implementing and utilizing Tabs3, PracticeMaster, and Worldox. We’ve learned a LOT over the years, and this is our format for taking some of those great ideas and giving them to as many people as we can!

We were having so much fun with our video cameras, we just HAD to go out and buy a green screen to play with. So not only do you get to witness the awesome transformation in video technique and quality, you get to learn neat stuff along the way.


Learn All the Ins and Outs of the New Journal Entry Screen in Version 17 of General Ledger

There have been many changes and improvements to the journal entry screen over the years, but never has the look and feel changed so drastically as it did with version 17.

While it may look a little scary, the new interface is not that difficult to understand, and the improvements definately overcome the pain of learning something new.

We will show you how to navigate the new window while pointing out all the new features that will make your life easier.


See Tabs3 Connect in Action

Despite its name, Tabs3 Connect takes 6 features of PracticeMaster and puts them into the Cloud.

Available only in Platinum or Platinum SQL, Tabs3 Connect makes Time Entry, Calendars, Matter Manager, Contacts, Client Info, and Cost Entry available on ANY internet connected device: tablets, smartphones, even plain old computers.

Join us as we demonstrate this powerful extension of PracticeMaster Functionality


Learn How to Use the Matter Manager

The Matter Manager is the client view of choice for many attorneys because it brings everything together onto one chronologically organized screen – people, client info, fees, costs, notes, emails, documents, even billing information.

Some people, however, have never even seen the Matter Manager. Perhaps it was released after they started using PracticeMaster, and they may not have noticed its’ appearance.

Join us as we take a close look at all that the Matter Manager has to offer.